The Educational Program

Oakland Academy is committed to providing a high quality general program of fundamental education in reading, mathematics, science, social studies, conduct, health, art, and music.

Our curriculum goals have been developed using, as a basic standard, the guidelines set forth in the State of Michigan Board of Education MODEL CORE CURRICULUM OUTCOMES.

These goals are used as minimums for progression into the next grade level. Support and guidance toward achieving these performance standards will be sought from recognized curriculum specifications such as:
1. Michigan Curriculum Framework (Michigan Board of Education)
2. Modern Red Schoolhouse Academic Standards (Modern Red Schoolhouse
3. Core Knowledge Scope & Sequence (E.D. Hirsch)
4. Core Knowledge Series (E.D. Hirsch (Doubleday))
5. Common Core State Standards

Teachers, working with the principal, will adopt materials and methods that are aligned with, and complement these authorities and that successfully achieve state curriculum outcome standards.


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